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Day 5

To put simply, today is Friday. I recently transitioned from macOS to an Arch Linux install, so I’m getting used to things. I’m using the awesome window manager on my OS with GRUB as the bootloader. Switching from macOS to Arch was definitely a change of pace. I do like the minimalistic interface and how little it takes to run my machine. Everything is super snappy and there aren’t a bunch of animations or unneccesary extras everywhere. It’s like barebones and to the point. Nothing extra. I’m using the Multicolor theme from this repository. I anticipate making my own rice sometime in the future once I’m completely familiar with my own operating system. I definitely miss the handoff and continuity features of macOS, and the built-in screenshotting feature. I’m still working on getting a working clipboard setup. There are so many things in an operating system that get taken for granted once you start from the least required and build it up. Anyways, I’m about to go skateboarding this afternoon. The rest of this weekend and into next week is supposed to be rainy, so I want to be active while I can.