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The finding of Bear Blog

Day 1

Spent about three or four hours topping fluids on my vehicle, cleaning out the shed at my place, and organizing my vehicle repair tools to prepare for an upcoming move. Thought today would be the day I did a bit of spring cleaning as it was a warm 60 degrees out. Now that I’ve gotten everything organized and ready for when I move out soon, its time to get back to development. I sat down at my computer and remembered a blog template that my friend, bbaovanc, from the r/Jailbreak Discord server showed me a few days back. I’ve been meaning to start a blog, but I haven’t found anything that is free and simple enough for me to use. I started to look into Hugo, the site framework that bbaovanc was using. I was able to find a bunch of blog themes on their site, and began to search for something of my flavor. I originally was looking at setting up my blog under the Stack theme, but wasn’t a big fan of the homepage design behind the blog. (blogs are supposed to be a feed right on the first page, right?) The design was great, probably on the heavier end. The template lacked the fluidity of a normal blog. Anyways, I continued to search and came across the hugo-bearblog template and was immediately intrigued by the simple yet open design. I opened the template page and began to read the description, which explained that the template’s design was based off of this blog platform. This was an ideal looking blog platform, my only caveat being hosted elsewhere. As I dug through the settings, I found that I could host this on my GitHub site! This layer made using this blog platform my new best friend. Within 15 minutes, I had my blog showing up on https://blog.fivepixels.me. The long wait of finding a fulfilling blog platform was finally over.