Dylan's blog


Day 2

My bedroom is pretty warm today. It’s quite uncomfortable. It’s 70 degrees outside and I don’t really have a solution for A/C in here other than opening windows and turning on my heater’s blower fan. I went to bed at a less than desirable time last night and I’m not even sure why, so most of my day has been laying around, and doing more overhaul on my website. Talking about my vinyls on my website has made me pull some out and play some this afternoon. I usually find it much easier to open Spotify and click what I want, but watching the vinyl disc spin is just beautiful. I’ve got Camp playing right now, I’m on the second disc, side C, just beginning Sunrise. At this point its just another Tueaday, where things are somewhat relaxing but I could definitely be doing something more productive than taking this much time to write a blog post. I’ve got a coding assessment for a software development internship I need to prepare for - and that’s what I’m going to do.

My intentions for this blog are to show my progression and just put into words whats going on in my life. I hope you, (the reader), find resonance when I speak on the happenings of my life.

I’m also going to conclude my blogs with a nice little